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Classification of musical fountains

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Indispensable in some big cities is a musical fountains, which is an art combining modern technology and nature. For many people, it is very attractive. I have to admit that the musical fountain has a very important position in the fountain.



musical fountains


In daily life, there are more and more musical fountains, which increase people’s leisure projects. Of course, with the progress of the times, people do not have much freshness on the same layer of things, so the quality of musical fountains is getting higher and higher. We all know that the music fountain uses an audio controller to adjust the fountain, but many people do not know its specific classification, the following editor will come to talk to you.

First, according to the installation location, installation method, and control method, there are the following categories.

1. The installation location can be divided into outdoor and indoor. Because the outdoor fountain is easily affected by the wind speed and causes deformation, the sound-controlled fountain has a better internal effect. In addition to underwater lights, indoor sound-controlled fountains are used to find colored water columns, and upper lights are used to match the top of the water column to change the effect. Here, there is a foreign opinion that a light fountain illuminated only by the upper lamp is better.

2. The installation method can be divided into fixed and mobile. At present, most musical fountains are in fixed form. Voice activated mobile fountains are generally used in stadiums, city halls, etc.

3. The control method can be divided into two kinds: on-site pre-programming and voice control. The pre-programming method is to record the control signal on the music band to achieve the change of posture. The method of real-time voice control is to input the signal through the microphone, and then analyze it through the computer, and then control the height of the water column. The music fountain can also be controlled by a wireless remote control.

The above is what Jiayue Fountain shared with you about the classification of musical fountains. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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