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Matters needing attention in the construction of the music fountain project

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For such projects as large-scale musical fountains, water curtain movies, etc., the construction party should strictly demand itself, and each process must be treated rigorously to ensure the smooth progress of the fountain project. The following explains the matters needing attention in the construction of the fountain project:


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1. Arrange the construction sequence reasonably to avoid the damage and pollution between the processes. Where the next process will cause damage and pollution to the previous process, effective protection measures must be taken first, otherwise, the construction of the next process is not allowed.

2. Set up a finished product protector in the grassroots team to take charge of the protection of each facility, report the problem in a timely manner and deal with it decisively, and regularly carry out finished product protection education for employees.

3. Take measures such as protection, bagging, covering, and sealing for each facility, that is, depending on different circumstances, separately protect each facility by railings, cover with plastic cloth, paper, zebra cloth, or partially close the completed parts. Method.

4. On-site cement, main water supply pipelines and other semi-finished products and raw materials must be placed in a covered warehouse with supporting pads to prevent rain, exposure to sunlight and moisture.

5. It is strictly forbidden to trample on buried parts or use them as construction members.

6. The construction site of the fountain project is a cross-flow construction of multiple types of work. It is necessary to arrange the procedures reasonably to achieve scientific management of the construction site and civilized construction. At the same time, the construction site needs to do a good job of publicity and education, so that all employees attach importance to the protection of finished products and strictly implement the protection measures of each facility.

7. In order to do a good job in the protection of various facilities, it is necessary to arrange construction procedures reasonably to avoid or reduce facility damage and pollution caused by the process. Where the next process causes damage or pollution to the product of the previous process, the facility protection measures must be formulated in advance and strictly implemented. Once the damage or pollution of each facility occurs, effective measures should be taken in time to ensure the construction progress and ensure that the project quality reaches the qualified level.

The musical fountain has multiple functions and unique performance forms, and is integrated with the surrounding buildings. It is a happy place to realize human-water interaction and a new trend of urban development. The musical fountain is the company’s main product. The exquisite shape design and rich and varied happy scenes make it have a unique and charming charm. The pure water column has become a paradise for children to enjoy innocence.

8. In order to ensure the beautiful quality of the project and satisfy the owner, the construction area is divided during the construction process, and full-time personnel are specially organized to conduct on-site inspections to protect the finished products. Anyone who needs to enter the protected area must obtain written approval from the person in charge of the project. Otherwise, it shall not be released. The full-time staff on duty for facility protection shall perform inspection and protection of all finished products within the scope of protection in accordance with the duties and regulations of the finished product protection specified in the project quality assurance plan.

9. Anti-theft measures: Strengthen security measures, establish and improve the relevant security system, do a good job in product storage, prevent product damage, theft, and valuable equipment should be specially inspected and supervised.
The precautions in the fountain construction project are mainly from the above points. Of course, even with rigorous construction, we will encounter incurable diseases, fountain companies, and professional technical construction personnel.

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