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  • Fountain Sculpture

    Fountain Sculpture

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:1396

    Fountain sculpture, as the name implies, refers to the artificial sprinkler equipment used to beautify the environment, is a kind of sculpture modeling, generally refers to the sculpture placed aro...

  • Moving Fountain

    Moving Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:1608

    Mobile fountain relative to the standard fountain, mobile fountain small size, easy and fast installation, adapt to strong terrain ability, suitable for office space, public areas, both beautiful, ...

  • Musical Fountain

    Musical Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28标签:Musical FountainNumber of views:1690

    Music Fountain Music Performance fountain commonly known as the music Fountain, is in the program control fountain on the basis of the addition of music control system, the computer through the rec...

  • Square Fountain

    Square Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28标签:Square FountainNumber of views:1662

    The square fountain is the highlight of the modern square; increase the highlights of the square, attraction. Also become a good place for citizens to relax and play. The artificial dynamic fountai...

  • Floating fountain

    Floating fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:791

    Floating fountain is also known as the Lake Fountain, the entire Waterscape Fountain piping system is all installed on the floating box, the operation of the fountain equipment is not affected by t...

  • Air Explosion Springs

    Air Explosion Springs

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:769

    Air explosion spring device without water pump, water column shock strong, higher than the general fountain safety factor, it uses a special underwater high-pressure air explosion device, release, ...

  • Dry fountain

    Dry fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:460

    Dry fountain, also known as dryland fountain, dry fountain. It refers to placing the fountain facility underground, with nozzles and lights set below the mesh cover. When spraying water, the ejecte...

  • Inverter fountain

    Inverter fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:776

    Multiple first-line arranged nozzles, according to the timing of the control of spray water, constitute a variety of water spray instantaneous morphological changes in the fountain. Can form a runn...

  • Cold Mist Fountain

    Cold Mist Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:599

    Cold fog fountain is also called artificial fog. It uses a high-pressure fog system to spray the purified water droplets in the form of fine mist of 1-15 micrometers. It seems that natural fog floa...

  • Ultra High Fountain

    Ultra High Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28Number of views:737

    Ultra High fountain: generally refers to the water spray height of more than hundred meters of fountain, also often known as the Hundred meters fountain, water column from the lake jumped, quickly ...

  • Swing Fountain

    Swing Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28标签:Swing FountainNumber of views:1511

    Swing fountain is mainly through the control of the inverter to achieve rhythm rhythm, music fountain in the water shape is rich, with the light to give people a real and intuitive aesthetic. The v...

  • Programmable Fountain

    Programmable Fountain

    Publish Time:2019/02/28标签:Programmable FountainNumber of views:680

    Program-controlled fountain is a variety of water action and lighting written in the program stored, ready to call. The advantage of programmable fountain is that the fountain cost is moderate and ...

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