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Fountain company introduces music fountain design to you

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Music fountain design – in China, there are hundreds of fancy fountains, different design styles in different geographical environments, small homes, leisure squares, large tourist attractions and other areas, Jiayue fountain design company will develop different fountain design schemes according to the needs of customers, which mainly meet the following conditions:

fountain design

1. Coordination with surrounding landscape

The coordination between fountain design and surrounding landscape should be the primary consideration. The size of the fountain, the choice of the nozzle, the height of the water spray and the water quantity of the nozzle must consider the environmental factors. The big one is big, the small one is small, the high one is high, and the low one is low. Only when we strive for harmony and unity, can we not damage the environment, combine the movement and the stillness, make the finishing point, and bring aesthetic feeling to people.

2. It is better to be simple than complicated

Simplicity has become people’s aesthetic fashion. In the design of fountain, the number and pattern of sprayer should be simple but not complicated. Too many sprayer configurations and too many flower pattern combinations give people the impression of chaos and complexity, while proper configurations and combinations can bring people a fresh and bright feeling. This is to meet the psychological requirements of people’s leisure.

3. Seeking change in simplicity

Simplicity doesn’t mean no change. Fountain design should pursue change in simplicity. A valve can be set under each nozzle to adjust the spray height and water volume, which can be combined into various simple figures. For example, in the control system plus frequency converter adjustment, the fountain can increase the time, height and size changes to reflect the colorful nature and life (which coincides with the connotation of the eight diagrams and Taiji diagram in this design).

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