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Fountain equipment needs regular maintenance

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The main structure of fountain equipment includes water supply, drainage, overflow pipe structure and thread pipe of fountain control cable. The water supply and drainage pipelines connected with municipal wells, the wells near the left of the fountain structure and the structure are the most convenient line structures in Tibet. Generally speaking, Frost’s depth is lower than the local water and sewer.


In practice, because the water level of municipal drainage wells is more than the elevation of the reservoir bottom, it can not rely on the slope of natural water, so the reservoir drainage uses automatic drainage. Forced reservoir drainage is used in the absence of spillway pipe. The fountain control cable is directed to the cable between the underwater motor and the underwater lamp through the control system. If the control cables are not armoured, they are hosed to the submersible pump and the connected tank.

Fountain equipment should be cleaned for half a year. When cleaning, pay attention to nozzle, riser and underwater lifting lamp, in order to prevent damage. When removing the barrier, all the scattered objects from the pipeline should be clean and dry; the fastening screw should stop in diagonal order.

Fountain equipment


The replacement of underwater lamps must be stopped without water, and the bolts will be firmly fixed. In order to ensure the beauty and divergence of the fountain design, sharp objects must be used at all times to avoid damage to the nozzle. Fountain electrical equipment should be regularly maintained, 6 months to the electrical equipment cabinet, vulnerable to the necessary maintenance of the degree of testing. Computers are promoted every year, requiring the maintenance of computers and programs.

Check the aging of wires and cables every six months to prevent unnecessary losses. Evaluate the operation of fountains every six months to enhance the use of management. Stop cleaning the fountain line every year. Every year, the swing mechanism of the fountain is maintained and maintained.

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