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How to Maintain Fountain Equipment

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1. Water quality of fountain equipment
The water quality of fountain equipment shall not exceed 15 degrees in chroma, and shall not show any other discoloration, turbidity shall not exceed 10 degrees, and shall not be rich in visible substances to the naked eye. Impurity content in water is not more than 0.1%, impurity particle size is not more than 0.2 mm, chloride ion content is not more than 400 mm/L, PH value is in the range of 6.5-8.5. Together, attention should be paid to the recycling of water for fountain equipment. When the nozzle needs, the recycling water should be filtered and disposed of. The compensatory water quantity of circulation system should be determined according to the loss of transpiration, wind blowing, leakage, sewage discharge and so on. Usually 5%-10% of circulation flow should be selected.

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2. Nozzle
Sprinklers should be regularly arranged and protected. Close connection between sprinklers and pipelines should be paid attention to when installing sprinklers. A layer of raw material belt should be wrapped around the pipe sleeve when sprinklers are up to avoid the appearance of water leakage and affect the sprinkler function. Together, anti-theft measures of sprinklers should be well done.

3. Underwater color lights
Underwater color lanterns are easily damaged components in fountain equipment, so the ordinary protection of color lanterns is also very important. It is better to use heat shrinkable tube and thermosol for waterproofing the color lamp. When assembling the color lamp, it should be guaranteed to connect the color lamp with the lamp holder tightly and not loosen. When welding the lamp on the pipeline, the lamp must be welded tightly to avoid the falling of the lamp during operation. After assembling, the lamp should be immersed in 5% salt water for 72 hours, and the measured resistance can be used only when it is qualified.

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4. Pumps
The main reasons for these phenomena are that the motor does not start the pipeline blocking, the pipeline cracking, the filter network blocking, the suction outlet revealing the water surface, the pump rotating, and foreign bodies in the impeller. At this time, we must first find out the problems. The reason for this is that the location of the problem may be obstruction, the correction of the line or the replacement of bearings, etc., so that the pump can operate normally.


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