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Key elements of music fountains construction

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1、 Grasp the design layout of the overall project

As a complex project in the design products, the construction and production project of music fountains not only needs to design the water spray shape and music background of music fountains, but also needs to make an overall plan for the influence of the music fountains on the architecture and the natural landscape from the perspective of the overall design of the project, focusing on the space position occupied by the music fountains, so as to coordinate the different elements such as music fountains, landscapes and audiences Only in this way can music fountains give full play to their functions and enhance their effect on the environment. The general layout requires a professional music fountain construction team to carry out the overall design according to the geographical location and spatial location of the music fountain construction, and comparing the effect required by the surrounding landscape.

2、 Grasp the music background used in the construction and production of music fountain

The water type of music fountain needs the cooperation of background music, with the help of different shapes of water flow modeling, it can play a role in improving the landscape of music fountain and form a beautiful scenery. In the process of design and construction of music fountain, it is necessary to take the background music sound as an important display content, combine the local cultural characteristics, select the music style to be introduced, reflect the cultural charm, and improve the internal value of music fountain. For example, the music selection of music fountain needs to match the shape of music fountain, the direction of nozzle, the height of water flow, and the rest time.

3、 Cooperate well with construction equipment

As an important part of urban landscape and park landscape, music fountain construction and production project needs corresponding equipment to operate normally. From the perspective of the equipment required by the music fountain, it needs the cooperation of auxiliary nozzle, water pump, audio, electronic control equipment, calculation code and other equipment to ensure the normal operation of the music fountain. In the design of music fountains, the cooperation between equipment is the key to the design and use of music fountains. Only good equipment, good operating environment and appropriate equipment connection can improve the service life of music fountains, reduce operating costs and improve profits.

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