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Lighting Design of Fountain

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The square at night is an important place for people’s leisure and recreational activities. Fountain is an important ornamental facility of the square. The lighting design of the fountain is the focus of entertainment in the square.

lighting design

Fountains are usually located in city squares, parks, commercial centers, exhibition venues and other places. The volume and dynamics of fountains should be adapted to the surrounding environment.

When there are tall buildings nearby, the fountain should be designed more grandly. If the environment is not too broad or accompanied by sculpture, the fountain should be moderate in size and lively.

Fountain is a dynamic facility that integrates sound, light, color and form. Among them, light and color are produced and disappeared synchronously, and color can only be displayed by light beam. Therefore, both color and light should be considered and arranged in a unified way.

The perfect manifestation of fountain is guaranteed by complex technical system. Therefore, when designing fountains, they should cooperate closely with sound, light and pipeline engineers and cooperate with each other.

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