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The choice of nozzle in the design of Sichuan fountain is very important

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The choice of nozzle in the design of Sichuan fountain is very important. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in waterscapes to generate different shapes of water. At present, the quality of domestically produced sprinklers is very different. Compared with similar foreign products, the biggest problem is not only the appearance, but the design quality. For example, the nozzle usage parameters provided by a certain manufacturer are far from the actual operating values. The biggest requirement for sprinklers in water landscape engineering is beautiful water shape and smooth and stable jet flow.


Sichuan fountain design

However, the jet flow of most domestic products either diverges strongly or the hair is shaved. Even if it is the same batch of products, the water quality is extremely unstable. Except for the insufficient machining precision of domestic sprinklers due to small-scale production, the fundamental problem is water. There is no perfect design theory and design basis in the design of landscape sprinklers. Therefore, we suggest that the national professional society organize relevant experts to formulate practical design specifications and standards as soon as possible, so that the waterscape fountain industry of c can be further developed in a more standardized manner.

In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, the Sichuan fountain design music fountain is generally suitable for gathering places such as squares. It is an organic combination of music, water shape, and light to give people a sense of visual and auditory beauty; at the same time, the fountain and the square are integrated to form a part of the building. The buildings in the residential area are more suitable for designing stream surroundings to reflect the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, giving people a smooth and relaxed visual enjoyment, thereby creating a pleasant living and resting space.

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