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The design of fountain needs to be reasonable and comprehensive consideration is very important

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Everything needs to be reasonable. When something unreasonable appears in a place that is not suitable for it, it often makes people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. The design of natural fountains is the same, not only can’t make the best use of everything, but also cause material waste, so we need a comprehensive consideration when designing fountains, which involves many aspects.



The fountain landscape is mainly divided into two categories. One is the natural fountain, which is made by imitating the natural waterscape according to local conditions. Second, artificial fountains, that is, artificial landscape. Fountains can create a beautiful landscape, which is very ornamental. They are often the focus of the center point, attracting more tourists to visit here. In addition, fountains can also play a role in humid air, reducing temperature, and improving the city appearance. The landscaping function of fountains is the first thing to be considered in the design of fountains. There is no doubt about this, and we must have a specific target.

Then there is the design of the fountain, mainly from the following three aspects to plan.

The first is to do a good job in the preliminary planning, investigate the site of fountain construction, and design reasonably in combination with the local historical and cultural background, economic development and natural climate conditions. The location of the fountain is different. The choice of water type and lighting is different. For example, in pedestrian street, community garden and other places, you should choose a shape with controllable water drop point, such as Yongquan, Shuimu and so on.

The second is to show the effect, that is, the theme. For example, in Inner Mongolia, the grassland culture should be reflected. The theme color should be blue and green, which symbolizes the blue sky and the endless grassland. At the same time, combined with national music, the effect will come out naturally. Fountains are a combination of audio-visual effects, music also has life, the perfect inclusion of music and water together, showing a theme more able to grasp the audience. We can also highlight the protagonist and weaken the supporting role by various means such as water type height, light brightness and color foil to make the whole fountain look more three-dimensional. For example, the fountain of Dayan Pagoda in Xi’an combines music fountain with ancient architecture to match the famous music fountain of Dayan Pagoda in China.

The third is the specific construction. The theory is good, but also needs to be tested by practice. In the selection of fountain equipment, the design and installation of electrical pipeline, the selection and matching of water type, the determination of control system, etc., it needs to be combined with the reality, consider the geographical area, know how to adapt, and avoid causing trouble to the later work.

The optimization of fountain design can be operated from many details, such as style, lighting and so on, but it must conform to the design concept, meet the requirements and requirements of the city and landscape. In the process of optimization, we should also pay attention to avoid the following situations: divorced from reality, too exaggerated; unreasonable layout; one-sided pursuit of results; grasp the overall situation, comprehensively consider all aspects, make the best use of everything, show its expected effect, which is to complete a true fountain design.

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