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The Fountain Company Introduces You How the Music Fountain is Installed

Publish Time:2019/04/15 News Number of views:280

Music fountain has added a beautiful scenic spot to our city, so how is the music fountain installed? The fountain company will give you a brief introduction:

1. Music signal acquisition function, extracting active ingredients according to frequency characteristics.
2. Direct control of the music fountain, directly driving the pump, transducer, or server.
3. Fault diagnosis of fountain equipment can diagnose the running state of the main engine, leakage current and working state of the drive cabinet.
4. Open structure, friendly man-machine interface, communication interface and programming skills are open to the user. Simply two keys through the mouse can complete music fountain matching, so that it is easy to make the music fountain match library rich. And it gives people a refreshing feeling.
5.Chinese menu operation system, which enables the operator to learn to operate in a short time, has various dynamic modeling and pattern change display functions of the music fountain, so that the operator can observe various changes of the fountain through the computer screen, greatly facilitating the matching of the music fountain and the operator to use.

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