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The main function of the cold fog landscape

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The main function of the cold fog landscape – cold fog water landscape is generally installed in the leisure center, hotel hotel, park square, public green space, street garden, courtyard water view, residential rest and so on. The cold fog pipeline system should be designed according to the topography of the installation site, depending on the mountains and waters, and the forests.

cold fog landscape

1. The function of creating a fairyland on earth


The artificially created mist haunts the landscape, and visitors can watch or stay in the middle of it and experience the magical realm of the clouds.


2, dust removal, deodorization, increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions

cold fog landscape

Fine droplets, large surface area, large surface tension, can capture flying dust in the air, play the role of dust removal and deodorization, and neutralize the positive oxygen ions of the air, increase the negative oxygen ions, visitors can not only breathe fresh air The high concentration of negative oxygen ions is also beneficial to improve people’s immunity, assist in the treatment of diseases in the respiratory system and deep well systems, and has certain health care functions.


3, cooling and humidity control function


The mist of WeChat is long flowing in the atmosphere, which can absorb a lot of heat energy, so that the temperature of the local environment is greatly reduced. The higher the temperature, the lower the relative humidity, so the cold fog landscape has a humidifying effect while cooling, which can create a local environment more suitable for people’s lives.


4. As a curtain of water curtain film


A multi-special spray nozzle is used to spray a 120° fan-shaped fog curtain to screen a water curtain movie.

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