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What are the expression techniques for highlighting the main scene when designing the fountain?

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The fountain company uses color and brightness contrast to adjust, the eye is very sensitive to light, so where bright, the audience’s eyes will naturally be attracted to there. A fountain will surely have its main and auxiliary parts, just like the main and auxiliary parts on stage. We often use color and brightness on the contrast adjustment to hint audience and to launch the center and climax of the play. In order to express the theme, the following techniques are usually used to highlight the main scene in fountain design:
(1) Mid-axis symmetry. In the layout, an axis is determined in a certain direction. The main scene is usually arranged above the axis. On the two sides of the main scene, one or several pairs of secondary scenes are often arranged to accompany the main scene. Such as Tiananmen Square, Versailles Palace, Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery, etc.
(2) The elevation of the main scene. The elevation of the main scene likes “standing out from the crowd”, which is an ordinary and commonly used art means. The elevation of the main scene is often used in conjunction with the central axis symmetry method. Such as the Washington Memorial Garden and the Monument to the People’s Heroes of Beijing, etc.
(3) The intersection of the horizontal visual four-joint space of the arches. The four-joint space of the arches in the garden mainly appears in the broad horizontal landscape or the surrounding garden space of the type of the basins, such as three pools mirroring the moon in the West Lake of Hangzhou. The wooded meadow surrounded by earth hills and woods in the natural garden is also a four-joint space of the arch. The main scenery is arranged on the visual intersection point, and the main scenery can play a prominent role.
(4) The center of gravity of composition is the center of geometrical composition. The center of gravity of triangle and circle is the center of geometrical composition, which is often the best position to deal with the prominent main scene and plays the best signal energy effect. The visual center of gravity of natural landscape garden should not be in the middle.
1. Gradient method. Gradient method is the landscape situation. Using gradient method, from low to high, gradual upgrades, from secondary scenery to main scenery, introducing level by level, through the sequence arrangement of landscape, which is attractive, leading to the main scenery.

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