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What do you need to do for the daily maintenance of Sichuan fountain equipment?

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As we all know, fountain equipment is mainly composed of several components, such as water quality, sprinkler, water pump and underwater color lamp. Each component has its own unique characteristics and functions. No matter which component fails, it will affect the normal operation of Sichuan fountain equipment. What do you need to do for the daily maintenance of Sichuan fountain equipment?


Sichuan fountain equipment

1、 Water quality guarantee of fountain equipment in Sichuan
The chromaticity of water quality of Sichuan fountain equipment shall not exceed 15 degrees, and shall not show other abnormal colors, the turbidity shall not exceed 10 degrees, and shall not contain visible matter. When the particle size of the circulating water is less than 0.5-400mm, the impurity content of the circulating water should not be more than 0.8%. The make-up water volume of the circulating system should be determined according to the loss of evaporation, wind blowing, leakage and sewage discharge, and generally 5% – 10% of the circulating flow rate should be adopted.
2、 Water pump regular inspection, clean up the fault
The common problems of water pump are no water, indirect water or less water, motor can’t start with buzzing, motor winding resistance to ground insulation resistance is low, etc. the main reasons for these phenomena are motor not started, pipeline blockage At this time, we must first find out the cause of the fault, clean up the fault or blockage, repair the circuit or replace the bearing, so that the pump can work normally.
3、 The daily maintenance of underwater color lights is also very important
Underwater color lamp is one of the components of Sichuan fountain equipment which is easy to be damaged, so the daily maintenance of color lamp is also very important. It is better to use heat shrinkable tube and thermosol to prevent water from falling off; when assembling the color lamp, it is necessary to ensure that the connection between the color lamp and the lamp frame is tight and not loose; when welding the lamp on the pipeline, it must be welded tightly to prevent the lamp from falling off during use; after assembly, it should be immersed in 5% brine for 72 hours, and then it can be used after the resistance value is qualified.
4、 The sprinkler head should be careful of water leakage, which will affect the spraying effect
The nozzle should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Attention should be paid to the tightness of the connection between the nozzle and the pipeline when installing the nozzle. When installing the nozzle, a layer of raw material tape should be wrapped around the thread of the pipeline to avoid water leakage and affect the spraying effect. At the same time, anti-theft measures should be taken for the nozzle.

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