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Brief introduction of the advantages of large-scale water-curtain movies

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The watercurtain movie not only has a shocking picture but also has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the audience is also very wide. Nowadays, more and more cities are beginning to build fountain equipment which belongs to the watercurtain movie that attracts more people’s attention. The watercurtain movie combines sound light and electricity, and allows technology and art to be perfectly displayed. In the city or scenic area, it reflects the incomparable era of light and shadow. So what are the advantages of watercurtain movies?

Water Curtain Film

1. Having a huge and shocking picture
Water-curtain movie fountain equipment is mainly through the high-pressure water pump and special water curtain generator, so that water can be spewed from top to bottom at high speed, successfully formed a huge fan-shaped screen after atomization. At the same time, a special projector is used to project the special video on the screen, thus forming a water-curtain movie. The fan-shaped water curtain blends with the natural night sky to create a very dreamy feeling when the audience is enjoying the movie, and the huge picture makes people shocked.
2. Strong three-dimensional effect
Another bright spot of fountain equipment, such as water-curtain movie, which has a good reputation in the industry is that it can present a strong three-dimensional picture. Because watercurtain movies abandon the white cloth and wall used in the past, but instead use water curtain as the projection carrier. At the same time, because the screen is transparent water movie, it can show special optical effect when the image is played. Such an optical effect makes the picture rich in stereoscopic sense, and the movie content can be skillfully combined with the water surface.
3. Wide audience
Water-curtain movie fountain equipment can be viewed not only at close range, but also in the distance. Different viewing locations can produce different viewing effects, but either location can witness the beauty of the water-curtain movie. Therefore, the wide audience is also a highlight of water-curtain movie fountain equipment.


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