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How is the music fountain device controlled?

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The musical fountain fountain equipment controls the injection volume, injection time and change control mode. There are three main methods: manual valve control: the most common and simple control method, the manual control valve is installed in the water supply fountain to adjust the pressure and The flow of water in the tube section forms a fixed spray of water. Relay control: The time relay is usually used to control the pump and solenoid valve according to the design process, the color of the light, such as opening and closing, to achieve automatic conversion of water spray. Control, sound control The body tone of the fountain is used to control the fountain, an automatic control of the shape change of the fountain. The principle of the musical fountain fountain equipment is that the sound signal is converted into an electric signal. After amplification and other processing, the relay or its electronic switch is promoted, and the opening and closing of the waterway solenoid valve is controlled, thereby controlling the spray water flow and the sound change, which one can see. The size, height and shape of the change to the water.

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Fountain water features general live music fountains, hoarfrost fountains, water fountains, waterfalls, etc., and matching water, so it can also be said to be in the form of water features, but mainly focused on dynamic water features. The dynamic point-like waterscape layout should be combined with the development of the environment. This is the fountain that should be decorated in the garden. The fountain should not be decorated first. The second is the fountain, then what kind of fountain arrangement. A variety of fountains, how to combine the matching surface forming. The classic fountain is one of the most decorated in the front of the main building, or the center of the square, forming a visual center, the scale should also be compatible with the scale of the main building or plaza. The form from the garden is also mainly axisymmetric or symmetrical.

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When a programmable fountain, fountain, musical fountain fountain equipment, fountains and other spaces form a dynamic water feature, the original fixed one adds some variation to the composition of the different buildings. The architecture changes, modern buildings in some create larger interior spaces, so not only in the outdoor and interior decoration fountain fountain. We design a fountain and must make a general arrangement. That is to say, it will decorate the fountain and lay out a larger fountain. Where is the fountain, the entire complex layout is generally considered, and the fountain should be coordinated with the building to form a unified overall. Therefore, the arrangement of the fountain should conform to the principles of architectural aesthetics, especially the basic rules that should conform to the formal beauty.


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