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What should we pay attention to in the design of square music fountain?

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Not long ago, there was a very unfortunate fountain accident. The incident tells us that music fountains seem to be dangerous, but there is a hidden crisis. At the same time, it tells the fountain company that the safety of music fountain must be considered in the design and construction of fountain. Following the fountain company for you to sum up a few square music fountain design matters needing attention:


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  1. Whether the design of square music fountain construction drawings meets the mandatory standards of laws, regulations and engineering construction, such as whether to adopt reasonable residual current action protection, safety voltage, local equipotential, etc. It is a planned maintenance to eliminate and prevent accidents during unit operation. Daily maintenance methods/procedures of fountain pump: (1) Check and handle bolts or nuts that are easy to loosen. Such as clapping doors, bolts, pins, pins, etc.


  1. Whether products such as lamps, cables, transformers meet national standards and design requirements, and whether there are sub-optimal products, etc.



  1. Whether there is jerry-building and material reduction in construction projects to reduce safety standards;


  1. Whether the square music fountain has completed the construction and acceptance of concealed works, and has formed traceable records;


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  1. Whether the acceptance of the completed project conforms to the specifications, and whether the person in charge of each unit is present to participate in the acceptance and sign;


  1. Whether the management unit has completed the project handover with the construction unit, fully understands the basic situation of the project, and carries out daily maintenance and management in strict accordance with the operation manual, periodically inspects the aging condition of the equipment, and periodically inspects the familiarity of the actual operators with the operation manual;


  1. Are Plaza music fountains properly labeled and protected, such as “Be careful with electricity, no water-splashing” labeling in lighted pools?


  1. Plaza music fountain needs to be equipped with leakage protection device. Once the leakage occurs, the power supply automatically disconnects, which can fundamentally avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.



Again remind the majority of music fountain companies, in the design and construction of music fountain can not only consider the fountain’s external beauty, we must consider the fountain safety issues. It also reminds us that when watching, we must pay attention to safety. We should not touch with our hands at will. We should also look after our children and not let them play with water. Here welcomes the user who has the fountain demand to inquire by telephone.


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