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Fountain wall spring type introduction

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Fountain equipment wall fountains refer to water flowing downstream from the wall, basically there are three types:


wall fountains


  1. Wall fountains can be formed on the walls of wall-type waterscape man-made buildings, whether or not the surface is concave or convex, and the flow of water is not always from top to bottom. It can be designed as a wall with a variety of stone crevices. Water flows out of the crevices of the walls, and larger flow can produce small fountain water scenery.     
  2. Fountain equipment Mountain-stone waterscape artificially stacked rockery or naturally formed steep slope wall water flow through the formation of wall fountains. Square FRP stacked rockery wall fountains are powerful and powerful. They show the meaning of nature by artificial geometry. They are well matched with the shape and tone of Regent Hotel, its background building. They are successful works.
  3. Fountain equipment plant-type waterscape is commonly used hanging plants such as cymbidium, collar, vine plants, etc. in the root block into a number of fine soil, hanging on the wall, water at any time to moisten or drip to emit a tinkling sound, or along the corner of the wall set up “Triassic Spring”, which belongs to this type. Fountain equipment ancients have known that water is obvious in the stone wall, but hidden in the absence of water, forming a unique wall rock water culture.


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