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Fountain Company Introduces Floating Fountain for You

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When it comes to fountains, we must be familiar with them. We must have seen them. Musical fountains are the most common ones in fountains. Floating fountain is also a kind of fountain design. Today, Fountain Company will give you a brief introduction of floating fountain:

Floating fountain
Floating fountain is a special kind of fountain, which is named for its floating appearance installed on the lake or river surface. Usually installed on a relatively open lake or river, fountain when the momentum is relatively grand.

Fountain Company

Floating fountain is a type of fountain which floating facilities are used to install fountains in artificial lakes and rivers. In order to solve the daily maintenance of fountains and prevent freezing in winter, a lifting system is added on the basis of floating fountains so that fountains can rise and fall freely. When freezing in winter, the lifting platform lowers the fountain equipment below the freezing layer and prevents the equipment from freezing. Damage, work up to the working water level for fountain performance, the need for equipment maintenance and repair when the lifting platform rises above the water surface, so that fountain equipment completely exposed to the water surface, facilitate maintenance and repair of equipment.


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