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Correct methods should be mastered in cleaning musical fountain equipment

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In many squares and tourist attractions, there are music fountains, which can be said to have become a very good landscape, attracting many tourists. Many cities need fountain equipment to construct, and the frequency of daily use is very high. But if we really want to ensure that such equipment can be used for a long time, we must do a good job of daily cleaning. Especially the equipment type of music fountain is complex, and the practicability is good as a whole. When cleaning, we should also master the correct method.

fountain equipment, musical fountain

First, we need to do a good job in daily basic cleaning work.

It’s not that fountain equipment needs to be cleaned up by a cleaning company. Starting with the basic cleaning work, we need not worry about other aspects at all. Mainly the external cleaning of such equipment is crucial, because such equipment is also used outdoors, there may be some garbage in the pool, water quality precipitation and so on, so the basic cleaning work is still critical. Fountains with high frequency of daily use must pay special attention to the daily basic cleaning, so as not to affect the equipment.


fountain equipment, musical fountain

Second, choose appropriate cleaning products and tools.

Most fountain equipment belongs to stainless steel material, and the corrosion resistance is quite good, but in order not to destroy the normal application of equipment, we must pay special attention to the proper use of cleaning equipment, but also to cooperate with the appropriate work. Generally speaking, simple soft cloth with neutral detergent can be used, so the effect of cleaning is relatively good. And every other period of time must be a comprehensive test of the equipment, only in this way can the equipment be used for a longer time.


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