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Characteristics and types of lighting for fountain equipment

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(1) Characteristics of fountain lighting

Fountain lighting is different from general lighting. General lighting is to create a bright environment at night, while fountain lighting is to highlight the various styles of water. Therefore, it requires a higher brightness than the surrounding environment, and the illuminated object is a colorless and transparent water. This requires the use of various light distribution and composition of lamps and lanterns to form a unique artistic effect and a bright and bright atmosphere for people to watch.


Fountain lighting

(2) Types of fountain lighting

Fixed lighting. For example, the 145-meter-high fountain on Lake Lemon in Geneva is 121 with a giant searchlight 20 meters away from the fountain, forming a silvery water column piercing the evening sky, and the scenery is very spectacular. Flash lighting and dimming lighting. This is made up of several kinds of color lights, which can adapt to the color changes of fountains by flashing or slowly changing the brightness of the lights. Water lighting and underwater lighting. Water lighting and underwater lighting have their own advantages and disadvantages. Large fountains often use both. Underwater lighting can appreciate the ripple of the water surface, and because the light is illuminated by the underwater surface, when the spray falls, it can reflect the flashing light.


Fountain lighting

2. The Method of Fountain Lighting

In order not only to ensure the gorgeous artistic effect of fountain lighting, but also to prevent the spectators from dazzling.
Light distribution is very important. The position of lighting fixtures is usually 5-10 cm below the water surface. In the vicinity of the nozzle, the water column with the height of 1/5 to 1/4 before the spray is the target of irradiation, or the part where the fountain falls to the water surface slightly above is the target of irradiation. If the background around the fountain is dark, then the outline of the falling fountain water will be clearly illuminated.


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