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The perfect match of laser music fountain can enjoy beautiful music!

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With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention has been paid to spiritual enjoyment. In order to enrich people’s spare time life, various facilities have been built. Among them, music fountain is a popular entertainment facility in recent years, and it has received a good response after it came out.

Laser music fountain
Gradually, some people put forward the idea of integrating laser into music fountain, enhancing visual effect and giving people all-round experience of light, sound and color.

Laser music fountain consists of laser system, automatic graphic switching system, computer control system, strong electric control system and galvanometer precision scanning system. The light effect is mainly controlled by the precision scanning system of the galvanometer. Laser is projected onto the mirror of the scanning system, and patterns and characters are formed by reflection and refraction. By controlling the frequency of the scanning system, various graphic effects can be produced, which makes the fountain interesting.

Laser music fountain

Laser music fountain is characterized by its varied graphics and bright colors, which can form a rich and colorful landscape. With its fast rhythm change, it can catch the viewer’s sight and arouse the audience’s resonance.


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