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A Brief Interpretation of the Composition of Water Curtain Film Fountain Equipment

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The scientific and technological development of water screen film fountain equipment makes transportation more convenient to manage, especially in closed tunnels. In addition, it can be applied to water screen movies, which display the world with laser, and dream water screen movies have more realistic spirit and habitat. Simple solutions consist of water curtain movies: Now the use of water curtain generators at home and abroad is launched through high-pressure pumps and water curtain, high-speed sprinkler water from bottom to top, making water atomized, forming a very beautiful fan “screen”, the image after atomization is “screen”, viewers will find that the fan water curtain combines with the natural night sky, when paying the character image, such as smoke toward the sky, or The connection of a fantastic dream and the desire to find it. At the end of the 80s, more overseas and 90s, China began to introduce foreign water curtain films and gradually showed domestic water curtain films.


water curtain films

Because of the irreplaceable optical effect on the screen of aluminum screen, that is, God likes the bright colors, the water is so clear and bright, so graceful, and the line of sight is drifting. When the water curtain and the reflective surface of the projection beam form a strong three-dimensional sense, fresh and cool water molecules are colorful, showing the chic, especially the visual appearance, which makes people linger on. Laser water curtain movies or programs are highly appreciated, and entertainment is also in the place where crowds gather. Under this condition, the environment makes them with a number of characteristics: advertising media: with laser water curtain projection, adding media advertising display, advertising effect, but also a new type of advertising media. Environmental rendering: because of the characteristics of the main facilities of the tourist city, the laser water curtain can make fountain landmark in the background environment of the colorful streets at night.

Also by changing different laser animation design, color brings visual impact and enjoy beauty. Art Fusion: The display effect achieved by the fusion of different forms and arts. Through lighting art, fountain art and projection art, each other can integrate the same performance system, and different artistic means can display at the core of the same display concept to achieve the display effect. Multiple performances (integration of sound and light technology: “sound and light” and other performances as the main body, their respective characteristics, through the artistic form of expression to form a multi-dimensional stereo space foil the theme. Give people “vision, hearing, touch,” three-dimensional feeling, is the most scientific and technological complex art form. With the progress of science and technology, fountain equipment is very advanced, and all kinds of music fountain, program-controlled fountain, laser fountain once emerge in an endless stream, changeable.

water curtain films

Scope can be large or small, range can be high to low, spray water, predator beads, such as fog, countless changes, fascinating. Fountain, static water into water, water also has the soul, and supplemented by a variety of lighting effects, more excavated form rich water, can buffer, soften “solidified buildings in the city, air, it is difficult to improve the vitality of the urban environment, is conducive to physical and mental health, can meet the construction needs of the visual arts. Artificial dynamics in large city square fountain, also from the natural state, all kinds of water, such as waterfalls, overlapping water, water overflow, flow, hot springs, and so on, with the progress of science and technology, all kinds of fountains are an endless stream of techniques, almost reaching the people’s desire to create all kinds of crystal clear, colorful, dynamic waterscape. In modern times, fountains have formed a common human landscape.


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