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Plaza Music Fountain Beautifies the City

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Plaza music fountain uses multi-color and discolored LED lights, which can adjust the color and cooperate with the endless changes of music. With the sound of music, the water column sprays. In a moment, lights, water curtain and music interweave together to create a group of beautiful and dynamic shapes, which make people unable to catch their eyes and show a dreamlike world.

Plaza music fountain
Plaza music fountain makes the City show more colorful forms, and increases the vitality of the urban environment. Square music fountain adds a beautiful audio-visual feast to the night of the city, and becomes a new beautiful scenery of the city.

Whenever the night falls and the lights come on, many citizens come out of their homes to gather in the music fountain of the square. When the music sounds, the square music fountain slowly beats out the water column with the music, accompanied by a soothing rhythm, little by little, the music rhythm is changing, the fountain from low to high, under the reflection of the surrounding lights, or red or green, or purple or blue, the original single water column becomes a jumping note, with the music or high or low, a hundred changes in shape, when the music sounds through the whole scene, the water column rises and straightens up. Wear the clouds.

Plaza music fountain
Plaza music fountain is one of the important contents of improving ecological environment and city image. It is an elegant work of art which combines traditional culture, the atmosphere of the times and high technology. It can not only purify the air, beautify the environment, but also improve people’s quality. It plays a positive role in displaying the style of the times, promoting national spirit, enlightening life, and fostering cultural atmosphere.


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