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How to maintain the fountain equipment

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The fountain equipment of the fountain company is an important tool for the fountain to display the beautiful waterscape. It can perfectly display the preset water posture, and the maintenance and maintenance of the fountain equipment is also essential. Moreover, the fountain equipment needs to be maintained by personnel with relevant professional knowledge, which requires professional training for maintenance personnel. So how do you maintain the fountain equipment?

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1. First of all, whether the fountain maintenance or the fountain maintenance is carried out in a waterless environment, especially the installation and maintenance of the fountain cable and the nozzle must be operated under waterless conditions, which is also to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

2. The underwater light device of the fountain waterscape should be inspected once a month. The main inspection items are fixing screws, equipment lines, lamp holders, etc.

3. The cable of the fountain waterscape needs to be inspected once every six months, mainly to check its aging condition.

4, the inspection of fountain water sprinklers, this is mainly to ensure that the sprinklers in the various water postures can be correct, beautiful and consistent. It is mainly to reset the nozzles that often need to change the angle. You should pay attention to the fact that you cannot use sharp objects to tap the nozzles. Avoid damage to the nozzle and the accuracy of the angle.


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Of course, in addition to these inspection items, because these fountain equipment are often operated underwater, it is inevitable that various stains will be produced, so we will regularly clean the fountain equipment in  waterscape. It is best to clean the fountain water pump once a month. The main purpose is to prevent the water pump from being damaged by the pollutants blocking the suction port. The fountain company reminds you that there is still a place to pay attention to when the water is not used in winter. Light up to avoid freezing the water in the cold pump and damaging the pump.


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