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Brief introduction of laser water screen film system

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Laser water screen film is a kind of three-dimensional and dynamic media which is made by using many kinds of scientific principles such as hydraulics, optics and acoustics, and combining with many kinds of modern scientific systems. Compared with the old film projection mode, the laser water screen film has more advantages of modern technology. Its dynamic art form and changeable and gorgeous presentation mode are generally appreciated by the audience. And the market potential behind it can not be underestimated, has attracted high attention of related industries.


Laser water screen film

Brief introduction of laser water screen film system
1. The water curtain laser performance system is to shoot the laser beam emitted by the laser on the water film ejected by the water curtain nozzle. The laser beam is programmed and controlled by the laser control system, which can emit a variety of patterns and colors, irradiate on the crystal clear water film, forming a colorful and strange effect.

2. Water curtain films appeared in 1980s, and only in big cities such as France and Japan. The water screen film is played by the input camera, and the film used is also the film produced for the water screen film. Because the screen of the movie is a transparent water film, there will be an optical effect when the movie is played. The visual penetration of the screen can make the picture have a three-dimensional feeling. The content of the movie can be combined with the water surface, which has a kind of immersive fantasy feeling.

3. The water curtain film is a fan-shaped “screen” formed by spraying water from top to bottom at high speed through a high-pressure water pump and water curtain generator. The projector projects the video tape on the “screen” to form a water curtain film. When the audience is watching the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain is integrated with the natural night sky. When the characters come in and out of the picture, it seems that the characters fly to the sky or fall from the sky, creating a kind of ethereal and dreamlike feeling, which is fascinating.


Laser water screen film


4. Laser system imported from Germany. Its main advantages are continuous expansion, bright color projection, clear pattern outline, flexible programming, easy operation, and operation in other places. It saves electricity and less investment. The laser demonstrator is mainly composed of laser, laser projector and computer controller. Under the control of computer program, the color laser beam is projected to the water curtain through the color synthesizer and laser projector to show people the light and shadow effect. The refined graphic drawing, performance program and graphic processing can be designed immediately in advance by computer software according to the requirements of users.

5. The laser water screen film is mainly composed of water screen generator and projector (projector). The water curtain is more than 20 meters high and 30-50 meters wide. The VCD disc or water curtain film can be played on the water curtain. The film and television effect is unique, novel and a better advertising tool. The water curtain film can be installed in the square and wide water surface.

6. All kinds of nozzles of laser water screen film system
The spray head of the water curtain can spray out a fan-shaped water curtain with a diameter of tens of meters. With the cooperation of laser generator and water screen video machine, we can play fantastic figures and characters on the water screen, and play water screen movies. The effect of performance is good. The atomized water curtain makes the picture produce the illusion like feeling, coupled with the changing waterscape, let the tourists’ thoughts gallop freely. Water curtain nozzle is suitable for river, lake, sea and outdoor occasions, with good business performance.


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