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What should be considered in the design of the musical fountain?

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In a concert workshop on music fountain design, usually the requirements put forward by the builders are usually the same: firstly, they can show the local history and culture, but also have the atmosphere of the times, showing the spirit of people’s positive and enterprising spirit in the new era. To inspire people, they can give visitors a sense of peace and ease. It is necessary to achieve a taste of elegance and popularity, suitable for both young and old, to provide the aesthetics of viewers of different ages and cultural levels. The design theme is clear, courageous in design, and unconventional. To be able to express a number of meanings, and to provide entertainment and entertainment features.

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In the music fountain, the fountain can be combined with Western classical music, Chinese folk music, local music, main melody songs, folk songs, pop music and so on. The builder usually also provides some of the world’s most famous fountains for reference. What is ridiculous is that none of these fountain works meet the standards set by Party A. This is like having a face that is both childlike, childish, young, young, calm, and old. This face is only available in nature. Unfortunately, even he can’t change with the rhythm of music. This is an impossible task, and sadly the builders themselves know. The construction side also has its own difficulties. It is difficult to adjust the public. They are worried about criticism from various quarters and each has its own difficulties. Too much responsibility leads to too irresponsible, and under the heavy constraints, like the broken strings, there is no more joyous song; the lively and lovely natural nature of the water is obliterated by this heavy rope; the fountain This elegant landscape art is a singer who sings for street songs.


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