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There are several aspects to be aware of when designing and constructing a musical fountain

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 musical fountain

1 Musical fountains are mainly used in large squares, theme parks, artificial lakes, playgrounds, schools and other performance venues. When making choices, we must consider the adaptability to the local environment. The squares tend to be beautiful, the parks tend to interact, artificial lakes. It is biased towards greening and the playground is biased towards entertainment.

2 The uniqueness of the music fountain is that it requires the cooperation of music. The lighting of different scenes reflects different emotional needs. At this time, it is necessary to make a correct music match.

3 When making a fountain waterscape, it is necessary to use the link water quality as an important planning basis. Even if this is likely to affect the price of the music fountain, everyone must do the same. Because once the waterscape is contaminated, the fountain with the best effect will be greatly reduced.

4 When designing a musical fountain, consider the power of the underwater water, the quietness of the lighting power supply, the anti-skid and anti-fall of the pavement surface, and the rate of the jet flow. These points need to be considered, except for the price of the music fountain. In addition, these factors have a certain impact on the final effect of the music fountain.

5 When designing, as an experienced designer, everyone needs to adapt to the waterscape, because water is inseparable from the container, the opportunity of the waterscape is not embarrassing, its formation is certainly conditional and inseparable The situation of its existence.

When designing a musical fountain, the designer also needs to ensure that the designed waterscape is in line with the ecological requirements. The ecological mind must be implemented in every waterscape plan, such as the use of water, rainwater and cooling water, using the fountain. Set up equipment to deploy oxygen and so on.


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