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Analysis of other functions of fountain equipment

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a. The fountain company makes use of the spray cooling function of various sprayers to make the Waterscape project also serve as the spray cooling pool of circulating cooling water.

b. The volume of the pool is large, and the water flow can fill oxygen to prevent water quality, so that it can also be used as a fire pool or green pool

c. By using the oxygen filling function of water flow, the pool can also be used as a fish pond.

d. Using the special form and change of water flow in Waterscape engineering, it is suitable for children to be active, competitive and hydrophilic, so that the pool can also be used as children’s play pool.

e. The water feature project can attract a large number of tourists, attract customers and advertise for parks, shopping malls, exhibition halls, amusement parks, dance halls, cafes, etc.

f. Waterscape project itself can also become a business project, and various waterscape performances can also achieve certain economic benefits.

Waterscape shape:

1. Waterscape modeling based on pool water: the water surface of the static pool is broad and calm, which can reflect waterside pavilions, mountains and rocks, flowers and plants into the water to form a reflection, which can increase the level and beauty of the scenery. If there are tiny ripples on the water surface, the reflection will be more vivid and colorful. If the pond is equipped with rocks and curved bridges, and aquatic plants and fish are cultivated, it can add elegant vitality. Due to its simple structure, low cost, low water and energy consumption, low operation cost, no noise, simple maintenance and management, the stilling basin is widely used in practice. The waves in the wave pool can be small scale waves or rough waves, which can make the waves flow back and forth along the gentle slope sand beach, or make the huge waves beat against the cliff. Wave pool is often built in combination with children’s play pool and large fish culture pool of aquarium, which can not only increase its sense of reality and interest, but also strengthen the oxygenation of pool water and prevent water quality *.

2. Waterscape modeling based on running water: running water doesn’t have to have a large flow, a wide water surface and a deep riverbed. It’s important to use terrain and features flexibly and skillfully, to organically coordinate the application of streams, overflows, overlays, etc., and to make rocks, small bridges, pavilions, flowers and trees interpenetrate in the same place, so as to make the water flow slow when it’s exciting, jump when it’s normal, curve when it’s straight, and appear when it’s hidden, Therefore, the whole water system is full of gurgling water, twinkling water flowers, lively and changeable. Generally, the water consumption and energy consumption are not large, and the water is not rotten, with a certain self purification ability. In addition, fish and crabs can be bred in areas with slow water depth to increase the interest of tourists.

3. Water feature modeling with water falling as the main part: when the natural terrain can be used or artificial rockery and precipice can be constructed, it can form a Feiliu waterfall, resulting in a magnificent landscape of torrent falling, snowwave rolling, water mist surging and rainbow in the sky. It can also form a water curtain floating in the air, creating a crystal clear enclosure curtain, and a wall flow of water layer along the steep wall, or splashing water, or flashing water film. Generally, the water column of pore flow is thin and transparent, natural and soft, light and charming, which can form various, lively and lovely shapes, and properly cooperate with sculpture, falling water, etc., showing a strong artistic effect.

4. Water feature modeling based on water spray: water spray is composed of water pressure and various sprayers, with greater freedom. It can create a variety of water flow patterns and form a more colorful water landscape.


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