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What details should be paid attention to in the design of music fountain?

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Nowadays, the design of the fountain can be seen everywhere in the parks and squares. Also because the fountain attracts a part of the masses, the music fountain adds the music element on the basis of the ordinary fountain to make the fountain more distinctive. More vivid. Next let’s take a look at what should be paid attention to in the design of music fountains? What are some tips to pay attention to in the design process of music fountains?



First of all, a detailed plan should be made before the design of the fountain. The selection of the fountain construction site is very important. Therefore, the construction site should be explored in the early stage. The distribution of the surrounding water resources, the historical and cultural accumulation of the city, the natural climate change, the level of economic development, etc. are all problems to be considered comprehensively. These problems should be considered comprehensively. According to the location of the music fountain, the shape of the water, the lighting and the music effect are different, so we should analyze and use it according to the actual situation.

Secondly, the music fountain should have a clear theme, and the music fountain should have the desired effect in design. According to the local cultural tradition or local custom, the appropriate music fountain theme should be selected. For the music fountain in the contemporary bustling square, all the people who come and go here are young people, so the selection of the lighting music water should be based on the actual situation. The movement and rhythm are Young people prefer it. In some communities, the square is where the middle-aged and elderly people gather at night, so if you want to build a music fountain, you can choose a more suitable music melody for the elderly, with the elderly’s square dance, the community’s Square is more lively. For some places where ethnic minorities gather, it is necessary to have their own national characteristics and show the characteristic culture of famous ethnic groups in combination with national music. In some classical gardens, the design of music fountains should also be full of classical flavor and show the classical beauty of the gardens.

Finally, in terms of actual construction, construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings, how to choose the control system, and how to choose the type of water type and how to match the type of music, all of which should be combined with the actual situation. In the construction, we should know how to adapt to the actual terrain, so as to achieve the local system.

The design of the music fountain should be designed according to the actual needs, not blindly pursuing the pompous appearance, divorced from the actual use, through a reasonable layout, comprehensive consideration of various factors, to achieve a perfect music fountain design. In the design process, environmental protection awareness should be considered, energy conservation and environmental protection should be emphasized, and water resources recycling should be maximized.

The above are the details that need to be paid attention to in the design of music fountain. First, make a plan, determine the theme, and then strictly construct according to the drawings. Refer to the above for more information.


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