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Music fountain design laser application in fountain

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The problem of laser lighting in music fountains – the application of laser in fountains is very early. About ten years ago, when the quality of domestic civilian laser generator was not very good, the imported laser was used in fountains. Due to the cost, it was only used in large music fountains. First of all, laser performance is performed on the water curtain, which is an integral part of the music fountain. The laser show becomes the main role, and other types of water become supporting roles of laser performance. The focus of this paper is not on the performance of laser water curtain, but on the use of optical fiber for fountain lighting. Some of the optical fiber specially used for lighting will be out of the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of lighting.

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There are two kinds of optical fiber: glass products and plastic products. Glass fiber is relatively thin, which is widely used in water curtain, not only as a water guide device, but also as a thin lighting strip. Plastic optical fiber is used for water feature lighting, but in music fountain lighting, plastic optical fiber is rarely used as the main lighting. Because of its poor real-time performance, insufficient illumination, no primary and secondary distribution of illumination, too few changes and other shortcomings, it is generally used more in the static environment.


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