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How to recognize sound in music fountain

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In daily life, we can generally reflect the amplitude, frequency and quality of sound according to volume, tone and timbre. So, in the music fountain, how to control the water column according to the sound?

1. Tone and its extraction method

Volume, tone and timbre are three subjective quantities reflecting the characteristics of sound, which together reflect the human ear’s feeling of sound, and the tone reflects the human ear’s subjective feeling of the tone. Although pitch size is also related to other factors, such as sound pressure, it depends mainly on frequency. Therefore, the higher the frequency is, the higher the tone is. Otherwise, the lower the frequency is, the lower the tone is.

The frequency determines the tone, so the detection of tone is mainly the detection of fundamental frequency, that is, the study of tone period. The system adopts the traditional autocorrelation fundamental frequency detection algorithm, which is based on the time-domain analysis theory. It has the advantages of simple, small calculation, and can directly calculate the autocorrelation function of the time-domain signal sampling value.

2. Volume signal processing

Volume reflects the amplitude of sound signal, and the amplitude of sound wave determines the volume. The volume of different music signals is different, so when the volume is used as a signal to control the operation of the water pump, there will be ups and downs of the water column. However, if the volume signal is not processed, when the amplitude of the sound wave is large, the water column will change significantly; otherwise, when the amplitude of the sound wave is small, the water column will not change significantly.


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