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How garden fountains are maintained

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Therefore, during and after the maintenance of the fountain, the damage to the overall design of the garden fountain and the landscape should be minimized as much as possible. Fountain company is committed to the design of music fountains , construction of water features enterprises, the company focused on music fountains , square fountains , water curtain movies , water fountains , artificial fog and other technologies research and development and promotion. Fountain design, manufacture, installation, and post-maintenance as one of the professional fountain companies. Mainly undertakes: music fountains , program-controlled fountains , arid fountains , community and square fountains and other fountain projects.


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Whether it is depressed in visual observation or auditory enjoyment by machine operation, the integrity of the garden fountain design is damaged to a certain extent, while chemical operation is often effective, but it will affect the design of the garden fountain in bite perception. Integrity. Different from the former two. Using ecological operations, planting aquatic plants (such as water lilies, hydrangeas, lotuses, etc.), no more than water coverage, planting mixed strains to form a complete and recyclable green. The main technical issues in the maintenance of garden fountain equipment are the issues of abandonability. Existing in the treatment according to local conditions, such as the hydrophyte method and the emblem biological method are often used together in small flowing waters, and the biological floating island method must receive the best results in closed waters.


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