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Landscape fountain design introduction

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The design of the fountain is colorful. First of all, the theme of the fountain is divided into two categories: music fountain and landscape fountain. Then there are many small branches in the next subdivision. The size of the musical fountain is also different. There are small fountains, medium fountains and large fountains. Generally speaking, a small square will be equipped with a small fountain. The water in the small fountain flows with the music. On accents, the flow rises or falls, the rhythm rises or falls, and moves with the rhythm. Next to the city ’s iconic buildings, there is usually a large musical fountain.


Landscape fountain



In recent years, the Chinese people, especially women, not only have to do housework at home, but also have to go out to work and participate in social work. Middle-aged people, especially the elderly, should exercise regularly to enhance their physical fitness and strengthen the country. Therefore, there is a square dance in China. The old ladies no longer watch TV at home every day. They sat down to talk about their daily lives. They all went out. They are no longer shy. They do not go out. They all jumped up and moved. Music is the best way to exercise. In the square, especially in the south, the temperature in summer is extremely high, and the appearance of the fountain design came into being. If there is demand, there will definitely be a market. This principle needs to be indisputable.

Secondly, landscape fountains, small courtyard fountains, general elementary schools, middle schools and other buildings will all have a small garden, such as the south, such a small garden, a few bamboo forests, a few fish ponds, a little lotus leaf in the fish pond, plus In the rockery in the middle of the pond, a small drop of water will be ejected. Such beautiful scenery has created many talented talents. The so-called literati Mo Ke, who has lived in such a beautiful landscape since childhood, must have hidden a lot of talents that need to be poured.

Whether it is a music fountain or a landscape fountain, its design needs to be comprehensively considered by the designer according to the terrain, region, population, surrounding buildings, etc., and designed according to local conditions and cultural conditions for people to watch. Any dehumanized fountain design is away from Not open its essence.


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