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What are the precautions of fountain equipment in construction?

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1. During the design and construction of fountain water feature equipment, there will be some on-site problems. Each fountain is built in a different place, so there may be different problems, but the methods to avoid problems are roughly the same.

2. The bottom and wall of fountain water feature equipment should be designed after mechanical calculation according to specific conditions. For the material of the waterproof layer of the fountain bottom and pool wall, the roll material with good waterproof effect should be selected. The water inlet, overflow, pump pit, etc. of fountain pool shall be set in the more concealed place in the pool, and the position of pump pit and pipe shall be close to the power supply and water source. In winter frozen area, all kinds of methods of pool bottom and pool wall require to consider the drainage out of the pool in winter. Therefore, the drainage facilities of fountain pool must be convenient for manual control.

3. The water output of fountain is completely produced by the fountain equipmentfountain equipment, and the control of water jet is the key link. Using different methods to combine, there will be a variety of forms. The indoor fountains are not designed to have a large range of water flow. The spray heads are membrane, water mist and air mixing. The control of lighting effect makes the fountains gorgeous and colorful, which can better set off the courtyard atmosphere.


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