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Waterscape modeling of music fountain

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Waterscape modeling:



Waterscape modeling


1. Waterscape modeling mainly based on pool water: The water surface of the quiet pool is wide and calm. It can reflect water pavilions, rocks, flowers and grass into the water to form a reflection, which can increase the level and beauty of the scenery. If there are slight ripples on the water surface, the reflection can be more lively and colorful. If the pool is equipped with mountain stones, curved bridges, breeding water plants, swimming fish, it can add elegance and vitality. Due to its simple structure, low cost, low water and energy consumption, low operating cost, no noise, and simple maintenance and management, it has many practical applications. The waves in the wave pool can be scaly, fine waves, or stormy waves, which can not only allow the waves to retreat along the gentle slope of the beach, but also allow the giant waves to hit the steep reefs. The wave pool is often built in combination with children ’s paddling pools and large-scale fish breeding pools in aquariums, which can not only increase its authenticity and fun, but also enhance the oxygenation of the pool water to prevent water quality *.

2. Waterscape modeling based on running water: running water does not necessarily have to have a large flow rate, a wide water surface and a deep river bed, the important thing is to use terrain features flexibly and cleverly Coordinate with the application of the ground, and make the rocks, bridges, pavilions, flowers and trees properly interspersed between them, so that the current flow is slow, the time is always jumping, the time is straight, and the time is hidden. The splashes are flashing, cheerful and lively, and changeable. Generally, the water and energy consumption of running water is not large, and the running water is not rot, and has a certain self-purification ability. It can also borrow fish and crabs to grow fish and crabs in the section with slow water flow to increase the interest of tourists.

3. Waterscape modeling mainly based on falling water: When natural terrain has broken rock cliffs, high slopes and steep slopes, etc. or when artificial rocks and steep cliffs can be artificially constructed, it can constitute a flying waterfall, causing torrents to fall and snow waves to roll over , The magnificent landscape with water mist and rainbow in the sky. It can also form a water curtain that floats in the sky, resulting in a crystal clear curtain. It can also constitute a wall flow of the water layer flowing down the steep wall, or splashing water or flickering water film. The pore water column is generally slender and transparent, natural and soft, light and charming, which can form a multi-colored, lively and lovely shape, which is properly matched with sculptures and water drops, showing a strong artistic effect.

4. Waterscape modeling mainly based on water spraying: water spraying is constructed with the help of water pressure and various nozzles, and has greater freedom. Can create a variety of water flow patterns, forming a more colorful waterscape shape.

a. The shape of the jet water column: the jet water column can be sprayed very high and far, and the angle can be set and adjusted arbitrarily. The nozzle structure used is also relatively simple, which is the most commonly used landscaping method.

b. Membrane water flow: it is characterized by novel and peculiar, exquisite and transparent, lively and cute, and has the advantages of low noise, strong oxygenation capacity, and the disadvantages of being easily interfered by wind and poor lighting effect. So it is used indoors and in places where the wind is not often covered.

c. Air-water mixed water flow: the special structure of the nozzle and the effect of water pressure cause high-speed water flow, forming a negative pressure to draw a large number of air bubbles. Due to the diffuse reflection of the bubbles, the water flow shows a white color, which greatly improves the lighting and coloring effects. It also enhances the oxygenation and cooling of water, improves the humidification and dust removal of air, and can achieve a larger appearance volume with less water. This kind of water flow is more spectacular, obvious and thick, which is a common form of water feature project. However, this kind of water flow requires relatively large water pressure and flow rate, large energy consumption, and greater noise than other water flows.


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