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Embedded installation process of fountain equipment

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The embedded parts of the fountain equipment pipe structure mainly include water supply, drainage, overflow pipe and fountain control cable threading pipe structure.


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Water supply and drainage pipes are connected to municipal wells, the fountain structure of wells, the principle of nearby and straight lines, the latest and most convenient route to penetrate the structure of Tibet. In general, frost is lower than the depth of the local water supply and drainage pipelines. In actual work, it is often because the water level of the municipal drainage well exceeds the bottom elevation of the reservoir and cannot rely on natural water for slopes. Therefore, the reservoir drainage is automatically forced. Use forced reservoir drainage, no need to set overflow pipe. The fountain control cable is directed to the cable between the submersible motor and the underwater light fixture through the control system. If the control cable is not armored, it will go through the conduit to the submersible pump and the tank in the connection. According to the distance between the structure and direction of the control room and the ink fountain, and the middle of several threading holes should be reasonably arranged in the threading tube.

If the control cables and submersible pumps and underwater lights and joint lanterns are not in the reservoir, a connection near the reservoir is also set up, so there is no contact. The average depth of pipe embedding is 0.8 meters. The early stage of the project is embedded in the fountain structure of the pipeline. It needs to be coordinated with the division of labor of other projects and make a good road. At the beginning, everything is so embedded. To avoid late changes and rework and cause unnecessary losses.


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