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Music fountain design company tells you how to choose underwater lights?

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The reason why many musical fountains can bring people a colorful visual experience is because they have a great relationship with underwater lanterns. In other words, there is no charming scenery without lights. Therefore, in the design of the fountain, the choice of lights is very important. Next, the fountain design company will introduce how to choose underwater lanterns.


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The first thing to consider is safety: although the fountain is beautiful, it can be scary if it is not safe. Therefore, when choosing underwater lanterns, we must first consider the safety. In other words, the colored lights can only be used with safe power supply. Currently, there are many colorful lights on the market. Users need to choose according to international standards.

Choose the color of the lantern according to your needs: choose the color of the music fountain you want. Of course, in addition to personal preferences, but also to choose according to specific applications. In addition, the brightness of the lighting needs to be determined according to the area and power of the light.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the service life of the colored lights: it is very troublesome to replace or maintain the colored lights in the later period, so when choosing the colored lights, it is best to find products with long service life. Of course, whether the longevity of the lantern is long depends on its appearance and material. For example, the lamp housing material has a certain anti-corrosion effect and will last for a long time. The surface paint layer of the colored lights should also be firm to prolong the service life.

It is worth mentioning that when choosing the underwater lights of a music fountain, you should also pay attention to its quality. Although the price of good quality products will be higher, the safety and service life are more guaranteed. Don’t buy inferior lights, it seems to save money, but the consequences are unimaginable.


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