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Landscape fountain design is simple and bright

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Landscape fountains

Landscape fountains have become an important part of China’s major urban landscapes. The landscape fountain design is simple and clear, and the decorative fountain is formed by the scattered distribution of water potential. In the domestic city business district, there will be iconic fountains, ranging from musical fountains to water dance performances, with different styles. In the fountain design industry, the core part of the large-scale fountain show is composed of various fountain nozzles, and the use of the cooperation between the mountains and rivers forms an ideal picture. The fountain show is the most difficult part of the fountain design. From the control of music to the adjustment of the water volume and shape of the fountain, a running-in test is required. The performance of the large-scale music fountain focuses on the overall harmony, so it pays more attention to details.

The urban music fountain is seamlessly connected with light, electricity and sound. The performance is not dominated by traditional landscapes, but a fusion of high and new technology to form a musical fountain that can breathe fire. The blend of urban fire and water brings a feast of visual impact.



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