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The trouble and solution of music fountain manufacturer’s Construction

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1. The problems of no, less and intermittent water spraying of fountain water pump:
The reasons for this failure may be as follows: the water intake of the water pump is out of the water, the suction screen is blocked, the motor reverses, and the impeller is severely worn. Corresponding solutions: raise the water level or lower the water pump, keep the suction port 50 mm above the water surface; remove the sundries adsorbed on the filter screen; adjust the phase sequence of the motor; check whether the sealing gasket of the butt flange is damaged, check whether there is any foreign matter in the pipe, replace and repair the pipe; replace the impeller with serious wear.

2. No action of swing mechanism:
The causes of such problems may be: the underwater swing motor is damaged, the linkage mechanism is broken or falls off. The corresponding solutions of music fountain manufacturers are: check whether the motor is burned, remove and replace; replace the connecting rod, repair and adjust.

3. Frequent trip fault of protection switch:
The possible causes of this kind of occurrence are: motor overload, three-phase voltage imbalance, motor winding burn out, motor bearing damage, cable leakage. The corresponding solutions are: the current is too large, check the motor repair; the music fountain manufacturer should adjust the power supply voltage; the motor winding is burnt out, replace the winding; the bearing is damaged and stuck, replace the bearing; check the cable leakage circuit and repair.


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