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Music Fountain Design and Transformation

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Music fountain design and transformation-We know that with the progress of society, the development of technology, and the rapid development of the fountain industry, the old-style fountains that had only one kind of work were basically eliminated, so they will be transformed, so how to transform the music fountain? The six links provide you with some simple and cost-effective ways to save time.


Music fountain

First: We start with the main control method of the pump. Let me briefly talk about the difference between the basic control. The fountains built before used a single control method or a multi-switch control method. Although these controls are different from the music fountains on the bright side, there is little difference in the essential circuit layout. The relay is used to control the pump work, and the main connection method of the pump is basically the same. However, the current music fountain is similar in the main line control of the water pump, only the inverter control method is adopted, and the basic wiring is only to replace the previous AC contactor with the current inverter control.

Second: Starting from the analysis of the pattern of the fountain, the old fountain has a single pattern and a single style. There are no outstanding features, but it will spray water. Today’s music fountains are complex and changeable. They can dance with different music at the same time. Coupled with the lighting, you can be in a dreamy state and fully experience the happiness brought by the music fountain.

Third: From the perspective of basic reconstruction, the foundation of the old fountain is not much different from the foundation of the current music fountain, except that lights are added to the foundation, so the foundation of the transformation of the modern music fountain in the old fountain is not too large. For the modification, you only need to walk on the light on the original basis, of course, it is also possible not to walk on the light.

Fourth: the total control of the fountain. The old fountain control is just a simple control box, a switch or a dozen switches, the function is simple, if there are many switches, the operation is troublesome. Modern music fountain control is convenient, using plc, frequency converter, running spring control, and other high-end control methods, following the pattern of music control fountain. And the operation is convenient, just select the music to be played on the control end, click on start, the fountain can start to work with the melody of the song, the song ends automatically stops, reducing the labor tedium, and bringing people more entertainment.


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