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Installation of music fountain project

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The installation of music fountain project – pool music fountain, the most common is cast-in-place concrete structure. To ensure no water leakage, waterproof concrete shall be used. In order to prevent cracks, reinforcement shall be properly arranged. In addition, expansion joints and settlement joints shall be set properly for large water tanks. These structural joints shall be equipped with water making belts and be equipped with flexible leakproof materials.


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The connection between music fountain pool, pipe trench and water pump house is also suitable for setting settlement joint and anti leakage treatment. The walls of the inner pool can be decorated with granite and glazed tiles, but waterproof mortar must be used. According to the specific design, the construction methods of pool bottom and pool wall can be different.
When the design pipeline of music fountain passes through the bottom and outer wall of the pool, anti leakage measures shall be taken, and generally waterproof casing shall be set. Flexible waterproof casing can be set up where vibration may occur.

The purpose of setting an overflow port in the musical fountain engineering pool is to maintain a certain water level, conduct surface drainage and keep the water surface clean. The common overflow nozzle is provided with weir type, funnel type, nozzle type, connecting pipe type, etc., which can also be selected according to the specific situation. When a large-scale fountain pool is provided with an overflow port that does not meet the requirements, several overflow outlets can be provided, but they shall be evenly arranged in the pool. The position of the overflow port does not affect the appearance, so it is convenient to clean the fountain and clean the fountain. Grating or grating shall be installed outside the overflow port to prevent large floating objects from blocking the pipeline.

In order to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and repair of fountains and prevent water quality from being damaged or frozen during use, the water tank shall be equipped with a drain pipe, the fountain pool shall be discharged by gravity as much as possible, and the suction port of the pump can also be used as a drainage device to discharge water from the pump. The inlet of the water outlet shall also be provided with grating or grating, and the grating gap and diameter shall not be greater than 1 / 4 of the pipe diameter.


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