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How the musical fountain works

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The working principle of a musical fountain-a fountain is a combination of a specific shape that sprays water or other liquid through a nozzle under a certain pressure. The water pressure is generally a pump. After years of development, it has gradually developed into several categories. : Musical fountain; Program-controlled fountain; Music + program-controlled fountain; Laser water screen movie; Fun fountain, etc., plus specific lighting and control system, play the role of purifying the air and beautifying the environment.
Musical fountain

The working principle of the music fountain is to control the water column according to the music played to achieve the effect of synchronizing with the music, and the water column is controlled by the water pump, and the water pump is composed of a three-phase asynchronous motor. In the power frequency power supply, the speed does not change. The frequency converter is a device specifically for motor speed regulation. The frequency of the motor is controlled by the frequency converter to change the water column.

Changing the frequency changes the speed of the motor, which also changes the pressure of the pump. The different frequencies of the music are processed by the single-chip microcomputer and sent to the control end of the variable frequency motor, so that the motor speed changes with the tone, rhythm, and strength of the music. The pressure of the pump With the change, the water sprayed will have a high and low change, and the formation of the fountain by several sets of equipment to control multiple sets of nozzles is a water pump.

Turn the rhythm and intensity of music into a control signal. This signal then controls a voltage control device. After the power supply passes this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with the change of music, and then controls the pump motor


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