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What problems should be paid attention to when installing fountain equipment

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1、 At that time, the convenience of the equipment should be fully considered in the design of the Waterscape fountain. Because it is necessary to power when the centrifugal pump of the circulation system works, the raised cable is very risky on the road, so the qualified electric welder can ensure the safe use of electricity. It is to use the walking electricity to turn off the power overload protector, and bury the cable safety in the ground. At the time of the redesign, the rock layers were cemented together with concrete, or they were cemented into concrete channel sand and slurry channel.

2、 As the concrete River and cement mortar River can’t ensure the water seepage of the river, so at the time of design conception, we should also use concrete and cement mortar to stick the gap and slag, and use the solid and durable soft gasket plastic film to gasket the water. In that way, the water in the indoor water feature fountain is not easy to flow out to the surrounding areas. Special attention should be paid to that the gasket plastic film should be large enough, less than 10 cm wider than the waterway. It is used to collect the splashed pool water and precipitation, as well as gather sludge, waste, phytoplankton and algae.

3、 At the time of building the fountain waterscape, in the area that can be exceeded, we should bury the soft skin pipe from somewhere of the centrifugal pump to the high point of the water road, that is to say, we can’t put the lifting objects under the soft skin pipe, otherwise in the future maintenance, it will become more and more complicated. Before the completion of each section of the waterway, the soft skin pipe shall be landfilled. The pebble camp for building the fountain water view in the room should be very hard and hard to break down. Granite is a very good choice. It will take a long time to be brittle.

No water installation means that according to the drainage method, the dike or dam will be installed in the water bucket to separate out the total construction area, without the scope of water. There are various ways to install the music fountain in this sea area. According to the engineering construction standard, it can be divided into two small boxes: no water and no water. Installation without water refers to the method of choosing the musical fountains in the sea area and stopping water in the scope of total construction area.
Generally speaking, when the water level line is changed by – mm or smaller, the fixed fixed fountain installation is provided, that is, the basic service platform of concrete pouring structure in the music fountain area, the fixed fixed steel frame structure on the service platform, and the fixed steel frame structure fountain equipment. When the water level changes > — m, it is necessary to lift the music fountain and integrate the change rule of the water level.

The foundation piling method is generally used for water installation. With the design idea that one side of the pile driver will pile to the depth of soil layer 1 in the water, a fixed steel structure platform is fixed at the moderately elevated part of the pile and installed at the other end of the fountain equipment on the service platform.
In the dry jet pool, the nozzle of the fountain equipment is usually installed 3-5cm up and down under the drain pipe castor. Pay attention not to let the drain pipe castor block the nozzle to spray water.

Install the nozzle in the reservoir, the nozzle head can be 3-4cm higher than the river surface, 3cm lower than the overflow part, the nozzle head can be level, vertical and standard in a line, the height of the front and back does not need to exceed 1-2cm, the trumpet flower, morning glory flower, etc. should be higher than the river surface according to its provisions, exceeding the actual effect.

The ink blocking shall be removed immediately, and the raw tape and oakum shall not be left in the nozzle.
For fountain equipment installation need to pay attention to what problems, you know through this article? When installing, we need to take measures according to local conditions, depth and location, which should be considered clearly in advance.


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