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Several criteria for selection of fountain company square fountain

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When it comes to square fountains, everyone is familiar with and likes them very much. Not only does it have an excellent aesthetic effect, but also has many functions that are beneficial to urban life. With the improvement of social life, more and more musical fountains appear in scenic spots, Parks, squares and other places are also widely welcomed by people. The economic benefits brought by musical fountains to the local area are increasingly not to be underestimated. Many places spend millions or even tens of millions to build musical fountains to attract more people to watch and drive the local economy.

Square fountain

But when it comes to the cost of square fountains, many customers directly ask “how much is the musical fountain” and “how much is the cost of the fountain” when consulting the fountain business, and some people send the fountain renderings and ask “the price of the fountain” “How much is it” and a series of questions about the cost of fountains. Of course, the fountain company hopes to help customers solve the problems as soon as possible. However, regarding the price of fountains, I can only tell customers: there are many factors that affect the price of fountains, such as the function of the fountain. , The customer’s design requirements for the fountain pattern, the material of the fountain equipment, the scale of the fountain, the control method of the fountain (512 control), the installed power (Note: these professional knowledge and vocabulary are explained at the end of the article), planned investment Amount, etc., after confirming these factors, can we give you an accurate quotation.

Take the floating musical fountains on the river/lake that are common in parks, squares, scenic spots and other places. According to function, it is generally divided into performance, landscaping, investment promotion and other purposes. The design style is generally divided into simple, flexible, majestic, dazzling and other styles. Of course, we will also design the fountain according to the specific needs of customers. The site map provided by the customer is as follows:

The client said: The park is the only local park with lake water. The construction of musical fountains can beautify the park environment, while reflecting the rapid development of the local area, enhancing the local city image, and making every effort to create a good place for people to entertain and relax. Features. The client emphasized that the fountain must express the grandeur and magnificence, but also reflect the cultural connotation of the city.

When it comes to square fountain design, there is a jargon: design is the soul of the fountain. Designers regard musical fountains as architectural works of art, and integrate the cultural connotations to be given into water, light and music. The water and light show the soul endowed by the design with beautiful melody and harmonious dance. The light “lived”, showing its artistic life drippingly. It is with the artistic life that the musical fountain is more colorful and attracts more and more people’s attention. As a work of art, the design of musical fountain tests the designer’s understanding of art and the ability to create. This is why the fountain company charges customers a certain percentage of design fees based on the cost of the fountain. A good fountain design plays a decisive role in the overall effect of the fountain. Dongfang Mingquan’s fountain design team is composed of fluid mechanics designers, water supply and drainage designers, electrical designers, arrangers, animation special effects and water show directors. The perfect design team ensures that the musical fountain presents the best audio-visual effect.

As can be seen in the above picture, the designed landscape fountain is based on its geographical location and conforms to the local culture. It is framed by the word “li” and has four frames on the top. The overall “six towns and four townships” imply the concentric development of the county. Create brilliant. The fountain design is based on the theme of “Prosperity and Glory” and is divided into three chapters:

1. The black gold is surging and flashes of light-the combination of “Long Xing Tian Xia”, “Changhong Guan Ri”, “Zhulian Bihe”, “Cheer Yangko” and other flower patterns, presenting a magnificent and broad-minded prosperity scene, symbolizing The vigorous development of the local petroleum industry and the pioneering spirit of the local people. The local people have created a long and splendid history and culture with the spirit of enthusiasm, cheerfulness and hospitality, and integrated into the broad stage of the Chinese economy with the heroic spirit of the dragon.

2. Feihong spreads its wings and soars in the sky—the pattern combination of “economic take-off”, “dragon flying wind dance”, “luan and phoenix harmony”, and “dapeng spreading wings” symbolizes the majestic and majestic posture of the local economy. Various water types integrate their respective postures and connotations into one, show their different contents, implying the unique style of various local undertakings.

3. Prosperous and abundant grains-the flower combination of “climb step by step”, “harvest grain”, “work together” and “blooming in full bloom” symbolizes the daily growth of the local agricultural and sideline industry and the bumper harvest every year. The party and the people are united in their hearts to create a happy and healthy life!

The scale of this fountain is 91 meters * 16 meters (the distribution scale of the fountain is determined according to customer requirements, fountain pattern design, practical area of ​​rivers and lakes, and investment capacity).

Let’s talk about the effect and scale of the above fountain. If the fountain equipment and supporting materials are all made of ordinary materials, the fountain is controlled in other ways. If the total installed power is not too high, the reference range of the fountain cost can be controlled within 380- About 4.5 million yuan; if the fountain equipment and supporting materials are all made of 304 material, the control method is 512 control, the construction cost reference range of the musical fountain is about 4.8-6 million yuan; if the current popular laser and water curtain movies are added to this effect , Three-dimensional gas explosion, fire-breathing and other effects, the reference range of the construction cost of the musical fountain is about 5.5-7.5 million yuan. Again: the cost of the fountain will fluctuate depending on the fountain design, fountain scale, control method, installed power, other design requirements and special effects, so the fountain cost here is a reference price. In actual life, many musical fountains cost more than ten million yuan. This is not uncommon, and even commonplace. Here we just mention the leading factors in the cost of fountains.

Many people may have this question: “What is the effect of a floating fountain of 3 million yuan or less?” The floating device of the floating fountain on the lake alone will cost nearly one million, and the cost of the fountain equipment configuration is relatively higher. Therefore, the style of the floating musical fountain on the lake surface with less than 3 million yuan is too simple to achieve a better fountain effect. The so-called “smart women can hardly cook without rice”, I won’t go into too much detail here.

In short, from the above two square fountain engineering cases, we can see that the cost of the fountain is determined by many factors, and these different factors make the cost of the fountain span a large range. Therefore, before you need a quotation from a fountain company, you may wish to consider the factors mentioned above and communicate these ideas with the fountain company, so that the fountain company will give you the most accurate quotation and make your work more effective.


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