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How to improve the construction quality of square fountain

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With the continuous acceleration of the urban modernization process, more and more hydrological landscapes have been widely popularized and applied, which naturally includes the special landscape sketch of fountain waterscape. The construction of the fountain waterscape project undoubtedly brings people a richer visual and auditory enjoyment, but there are also many difficulties in the fountain construction process. In order to promote the further improvement of the fountain construction quality, our company is now focusing on the existing square fountain construction Several difficult problems are briefly analyzed and corresponding solutions are proposed.

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■Selection of pump form

At present, many square fountain construction projects will use submersible pumps to improve water conservancy during construction. Submersible pumps do not require a pump room, which can reduce the cost of the project to a certain extent and reduce the construction area. However, compared with centrifugal pumps, the reliability of submersible pumps is much lower, and submersible pumps often have a situation where one submersible pump damages the others. The possible consequences are: the crystal may have partial defects, which will affect its overall viewing effect; if the insulation equipment of the water pump is damaged, the water may be conductive and cause the risk of electric shock. In the process of garden construction, how to develop highly reliable submersible pumps has become one of the research topics of modern garden construction. This is also the key to reducing the cost of fountain waterscape projects. In view of the more obvious advantages of centrifugal pumps than submersible pumps, fountain construction companies should choose centrifugal pumps for waterscapes that need to be kept running for a long time when they are constructing gardens.

■Water level control

Water level control is an extremely important part in the control of waterscape water level. Nowadays, common garden designs use jet-suction nozzles such as cedar-shaped sprinklers or gushing springs, all of which are very sensitive to changes in water level. A little rise and fall of the water level will seriously affect the changes in the height of the fountain and the shape of the water outlet. Therefore, the use of reliable automatic water replenishment devices and overflow pipes is indispensable. At present, the fountain construction company has developed a better way to use an independent water level balance tank or a hydraulic water level control valve, and use a very long diameter The connecting pipe connects the water feature pool. If it is placed outdoors, it should camouflage the water level balance device, such as making its shape into a large tree root or artificial rock mountain. In the north, winter freezing should also be taken into consideration. The overflow pipeline should be set in the water level balance well. Since the balance well is generally covered with a top cover, it can also shield the overflow and water supply noise.

■How to choose the piping material of the square fountain?

In previous garden construction, most of the pipe materials used by fountain construction companies are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. After using this steel pipe for a period of time, its surface is easily corroded by rainwater, dust and some acidic substances in the air, which will reduce The water landscape is beautiful, and the life of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is generally very short. If you use better materials such as copper pipes or stainless steel pipes, the price is more expensive, so in order to reduce the cost and solve the above problems, people propose to use UPVC pipes. This kind of pipe can prevent the surface of the landscape from being corroded, but its weather resistance and heat resistance are relatively poor. If the sunlight is direct, the pipe will quickly age. In the hydrological landscape design of the fountain construction company, UPAC pipes can be used at the bottom of the pool in an invisible position, and the parts exposed to the sun can be copper or stainless steel pipes, which greatly reduces the cost.

Of course, in addition to the selection of water pump form, water level control, and piping material selection for the square fountain project, there are also several difficulties that need to be solved urgently in the fountain construction process, such as the control of water source and water quality, the choice of lighting and electrical construction. Due to space limitations, I won’t repeat them here.


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