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What are the key points of the square fountain design and construction?

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Nowadays, fountains can be seen everywhere, but the design and construction of square fountains needs to be determined by many factors such as surrounding environment and geographical location. For example, the size, shape, pattern, etc. of the fountain all require specific environmental support.

Square fountain

The following editor will introduce to you the main points of the square fountain design and construction. What are the relevant contents?

The main points of square fountain design and construction:

1. The main points of fountain layout

Regular fountain pools are often used for open venues. The pool should be large, the water spray should be high, and the lighting should not be too gorgeous. For narrow and long venues, such as street corners, in front of buildings, etc., the pool is mostly rectangular. The pools next to modern residential buildings are mostly round or rectangular. The water volume of the fountain should be large, the sense of water should be strong, and the lighting can be more gorgeous. The form of the fountain is free and can be combined with various decorative pieces such as sculptures, but the changes should be simple and the colors should be simple.

When choosing the location of the fountain and arranging the environment around the fountain, the theme and form of the fountain must first be considered. The determined theme and form must be in harmony with the environment. The fountain and the environment should be considered together, and the environment should be rendered and set off to achieve The purpose of decorating the environment, or creating artistic conception with the help of the artistic association of a specific fountain.

1, location

Generally, it is mostly set in the axis focus, end point or flower bed group of the courtyard. According to the environmental characteristics, some small fountain scenes can also be made. The arrangement, freely decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. But in the layout, care should be taken not to arrange the fountain on the air duct between the buildings, but to place it in a sheltered environment to prevent strong winds from breaking the shape of the fountain and falling water out of the pool.

2, form

There are two types of natural and regular water spray positions, which can be located in the center of the pool to form a pattern, or they can be placed on one side or freely. Secondly, the form and scale of the water spray and the proportion of the fountain must be determined according to the spatial scale of the fountain.

2. Types of fountain nozzles

The sprinkler head is the main component of the fountain, which determines the spray posture. Its function is to pass the water with a certain pressure through the shape of the nozzle to form various expected and gorgeous water shapes. At present, the nozzle styles frequently used at home and abroad include single jet nozzles, water mist nozzles, annular nozzles, rotating nozzles, fan nozzles, porous nozzles, deformed nozzles, dandelion nozzles, suction nozzles, combined nozzles and other nozzles.

3. Water-type design of fountain water supply and drainage system

1. The fountain water type is caused by various factors such as different types of nozzles, different combinations of nozzles, and different angles of the nozzles. In terms of the composition of the fountain water type, its basic elements are the different types produced by different forms of sprinklers, namely, water column, hose, water line, water curtain, water film, water mist, blisters, etc. There are also many ways to combine water types, such as water column, waterline parallel, direct, oblique, overhead, down shot, waterline cross jet, relative jet, radial jet, rotary jet, or water The thread passes through the water curtain and the water film, the nozzle is covered by the water mist, and the water splash is clicked on the water surface.

Four, square fountain design and construction matters needing attention

The method of fountain pool bottom and pool wall should be based on the specific situation, and then make special design after mechanical calculation. For the material of the water-proof layer of the pool bottom and wall, the coiled materials with better waterproof effect should be selected, such as EPDM waterproof cloth and chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing coiled materials. The water inlet, overflow, and pump pit of the pool should be set up in a relatively hidden place in the pool. The location of the pump pit and the location of the pipe should be close to the power source and water source. In winter freezing areas, various pool bottom and pool wall practices require consideration of draining out of the pool in winter. Therefore, the drainage facilities of the pool must be easy to control manually.

The fountain is entirely produced by equipment, and the jet flow control of the water is the key link. The combination of different techniques will produce colorful changes. The fountain is arranged indoors, the range of the water flow is not too large, the nozzle is membrane, water mist and aerated mixed type, with the control of lighting effects, it is colorful and can enhance the courtyard atmosphere.

The above is an introduction to the main points of the square fountain design and construction and related content! I believe you should already have some understanding, if you have any needs, please feel free to inquire!


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