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How to perfectly show the unique artistic beauty of large square fountains

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Speaking of large square fountains, I believe everyone should not be unfamiliar, because we are still very common in our daily lives. Although it is very common, we also need to master some large square fountains with multiple control methods. If you are not familiar with this , Then don’t worry, because next, our industry experts will share with you the various control methods of large square fountains. I hope you can read it carefully.

Square fountain

It is impossible for a large square fountain to perform for a long time in one day. This is because: firstly, it consumes a lot of electricity, and secondly, it will lack freshness when it is turned on for a long time, especially when there is no light during the day, the effect is not good. The square fountain is a scene of the entire square. In addition to music performances, it is necessary to consider the artistic effect of the water type as a fixed attraction. The use time of the fixed water type is longer. Therefore, the design and selection of the water type of the fountain should consider performance music The beauty of the time is also considered as the effect of the water feature, so the large square fountain has different functions in the control setting.

Manual control of the large square fountain: During the day or night music performance is intermittent, click the mouse to independently open certain water types, forming a combination of fixed shapes, saving electricity, and usually more commonly used.

Program control of large square fountain: If you want to have different combinations of shape changes, you can turn on the degree function to make the water shape change according to the set program, and different shapes appear, making people feel the beauty of different scenery.

Real-time voice control of large square fountain: It is a control method commonly used by most domestic companies at present. Its characteristic is that it can respond to any sound source signal and perform live karaoke. However, this control method has some disadvantages. First, water type The action is lagging behind the music, making people feel that the fountain action is not in harmony with the music. Secondly, the combination and duration of the appearance of the water type are fixed and repeated regardless of any repertoire, so there will be inconsistencies between the performance water type and the emotions expressed by the music. For example, there may be a swinging water type with a gentle melody. At times, tall water bodies appeared again, which made people’s auditory and visual perceptions inconsistent. Third, the emotional passages of the music did not match the time of the water pattern change, and they were the same.

The pre-programming control method of the large square fountain: according to the emotion and artistic conception of a certain piece of music, artificially compile the opening and closing of various water types, actions, lights, and water pumps, so that the performance of the large square fountain matches the emotion and artistic conception of music , This function has corresponding comprehensive difficulty in control technology, computer technology and communication technology.

These contents are mainly to share with you about the control methods of large square fountains. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you have other problems, you can contact our customer service online, and our customer service will be timely. To answer your questions.


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