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Installation details of the square fountain

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The Square fountain early-rising equipment is installed in artificial water, and the bottom or wall of the fountain pipe bracket is fixed by expansion bolts, and then the equipment is installed and debugged to treat the water. In recent years, square fountains have been widely used in reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other waters. In these waters, there are two ways to install square fountains, one with spring without water and two.


Square fountain

Waterless installation means that by way of emptying, the dike or dam will be installed in the water bucket to separate the building area and the area without water. The various methods of installing fountains in these waters can be divided into two tank installations without water and water according to the construction conditions. Waterless installation refers to the way that the fountain is installed in the water area by emptying, the embankment or dam, and the water is cut off in the area of ​​the building. Under normal circumstances, when the water level changes 0.15 microns or less, fixed fountain installation is provided, that is, a reinforced concrete foundation platform is poured in the fountain area, the fixed steel structure is installed on the platform, and the steel structure fountain equipment is installed. When the water level changes >0.15m, the floating fountain needs to be raised and lowered to adapt to the dynamic change of the water level.

Piling method is widely used in water installation, and the design that one end of the pile driver will pile up to the depth of the underwater soil layer, the steel structure platform fixed at the position of the pile appropriately raised, is installed on the other end of the fountain equipment on the platform.


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