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The importance of maintenance to the square fountain

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While we appreciate the art brought to us by the square fountain, we must not forget to maintain and maintain them, because these public and open-air equipment is easy to age. If we do not carry out maintenance, problems will surely occur over time, so in order to have a better effect on the musical fountain, we must carry out maintenance.

Square fountain

Because the square fountain is not running all day, basically there is a fixed time, so when it is not running, we have to clean it. We need to clean up some debris and garbage that fell in the fountain pool in time to prevent blockage and bring us a better experience.

During daily maintenance, we also need to check the operation of electronic equipment, such as audio, lighting, etc. These electronic components are relatively prone to aging. If there is a problem, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Only by checking frequently can we guarantee the normal operation of the musical fountain and bring people a good visual experience.


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